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Sound Design & Production

Curtis designs sound for live peformance & installation as well as producing his own music. 

Surge [Collaboration with Channie B] (2017 - Present)

SURGE follows the journey of humanity as a plant. The growth, the downfall, the death, and hope for rebuilding. The piece speaks to each audience member as a rose that came from concrete who have the tools to spread the seeds of knowledge about rebuilding our communities free from stereotypes, prejudice and discrimination 

In this collaboration with Channie B, I utilise sub bass frequencies and found text from self recorded and dash-cam videos. 


Chantelle Promo_edited.jpg

Home Sweet Home [Subject to_change] (2019)

Home sweet home is an inter-generational, durational spectator-led installation. It is a miniature flat packed cardboard town, created by those who wish to build it. 

The exhibition runs at the Royal Shakespeare Company in Stratford upon Avon from the 8th of February to the 7th of April.

During the performance of Home sweet home, the people participating in the installation operate a live radio station (Residence FM). For the installation I encapsulated several days worth of radio into a 7 minute sound piece that gives visitors to the exhibition an insight into how reactive the installation was. 


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